An Introduction


My name is Tom and I’ve just finished my undergraduate degree in chemistry at Imperial College London. In October I’ll be starting a PhD in the Plastic Electronics Doctoral Training Centre. Four years down, another four to go!

Motivation to start blogging

I enjoy reading blogs written by scientists and for quite some time I have been thinking about writing my own chemistry-orientated blog. I’ve always felt that as a scientist I should engage with the public, not just because the tax payer funds a lot of research but because I want others—especially young people—to be interested in science too.

However I’ve had a few reservations, mostly about damaging my career as a chemist. I was particularly worried about putting off PhD supervisors, but since that’s all sorted out now it’s not really an issue. I was slightly concerned that anything stupid I write will be preserved in Google’s cache and haunt me for years to come! After reading other blogging scientists’ opinions on blogging, I now think my concerns were unjustified.

I found Professor Stephen Curry’s talk describing his early experiences as a blogger, Blogging for Impact, to be quite motivational and is worth watching. His blog, Reciprocal Space, is good too!

Stephen T Casper wrote my favourite piece on academic blogging titled Why Academics Should Blog: A College of One’s Own. If you’re an academic, you should have a read. I especially like Alice Bell’s comment that you should “treat blogging as an open notebook.” I think that’s what I intend to do here; it’s something to complement my work and personal interests—a “high quality hobby”—and good writing practice. I also quite like the idea of having a record of my experiences as a PhD student—a bit like Erika Cule’s Blogging the PhD.

Where are all the chemistry blogs?

I’ve always thought that chemistry is underepresented both in blogging and in “popular science” as a whole. For nearly 4 years I worked in the now closed Science Museum branch of Waterstone’s and always struggled to find good chemistry titles.

A few eyebrows were raised at the absence of any chemistry blogs from the recent launch of the new Scientific American blog network. It does seem that most chemistry blogs are written for other chemists compared to other disciplines like physics. I’m not entirely sure why. I might try and do something about that here.

But anyway, I think this is a long enough introduction—time to write something proper!

7 thoughts on “An Introduction”

  1. Welcome, mate! Your voice is very much welcome in the chemistry blogosphere and I look forward to your writing. This truly is a “high-quality hobby” and I appreciate your motivation to engage with the public. I’ll try to keep track of your posts but drop me a line anytime you have something that you’d like to draw particular attention to.


  2. If you think the chemistry blogosphere is bad, wait until you look at the polymer blogospher. As a polymer blogger, I’m envious as all get out about what the chemists have going. Get ready for some heavy lifting.

    I’ll throw you on the blogroll.

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