Light- and power-making things

Inspired by xkcd’s Up Goer Five comic Theo Sanderson created the Up Goer Five Text Editor. It challenges you to explain a hard idea using only the thousand ten hundred most commonly used words in the English language. Lots of scientists on Twitter have been using it to try and describe their work. It’s a lot harder than it sounds! Here’s my attempt:

Many years ago a few people were doing some work and, to their surprise, they managed to make light come out of something that had never had light come out of it before. People were very excited about it and now lots of groups of people spend their time trying to answer questions like “how does it work?” and “how can we make it work better?”. Everyone was interested because they thought it could be used to make new things like better TVs, very small computers and different kinds of lighting. But the perhaps the most important thing it could maybe do was give us all a new way to turn light from the sun into power for not very much money.

At the moment only a few people get to see them because they are hard to make. They are hard to make for lots of reasons, but perhaps the biggest reason is that the parts you need are themselves hard to make. Everyone struggles to make enough of them exactly as they need them to be. If the parts aren’t good enough, sometimes not very much light comes out, or for only a little while, or the ones that turn light from the sun into power don’t do it very well. No one wants any of those.

It doesn’t help that the normal ways of making the parts are often only good enough for making a little at a time. If you try to make more in the same way it stops working so well. I’m part of a group of people trying to make the parts in a new way that can make lots and lots and it still be good enough. In fact, our stuff is usually better than the best stuff you can buy.

I┬átry lots of different ways to make things. I look in books to read how other people did things to get new ideas that no one else has had before. Sometimes they don’t work, but sometimes they do and when that happens it makes me very excited and happy. Sometimes we tell everyone but sometimes we only tell a few people. We can use my new way to make the light-making and power-making things work better and for less money than ever before so everyone can have them.

What do you think?