Tools and technologies for researchers

The Library at Imperial run a course called Blogs, Twitter, wikis and other web-based tools. They asked me (and also Jon Tennant) to give a quick talk to the attendees yesterday on the things I use to do my work.

Rather than give a slide-based presentation I decided the best thing to do was give a demo. I quite like mind mapping to help me structure ideas so I made one for this. I’ve included links to web sites where appropriate. You can download a PDF of the mind map here (PDF).

It’s split into two halves: the tools that I do use, categorised into “inputs” (e.g. Twitter and RSS) and “outputs” (e.g. Google Drive), and those that I don’t with some short reasons why. If you’re interested in trying some of this out, give one or two a go and see if you find them useful. If you use something that I haven’t mentioned, let me know in the comments.

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