A late update and three PhD tips

It’s a been a long time since I finished my PhD, let alone blogged. Before I archive this blog I feel compelled to post three tips for prospective postgrads.

  1. Before starting a PhD, find a supervisor you get on with. The students I knew who had a miserable time – or quit – had one thing in common: a dodgy supervisor. Try talking to students in department to get an honest opinion.

  2. If you do start a PhD, remember that it isn’t your life. Have hobbies outside of your research. Eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly and practice good sleep hygiene.

  3. Lastly, give serious consideration to careers outside of research. Leaving academia is not quitting. Bear in mind that life-long academics might not neccesarily offer the best career advice. I’m now a data scientist and whilst I loved doing my PhD and have many fond memories, I have no regrets about leaving academia.